How to Commission a Piece of Furniture

Finding the perfect piece of furniture can be a lifelong quest. We recently made a blanket chest
for a client who said she had searched for over ten years for just the piece. In working together
with the client, we were able to build her the piece she’s spent years searching for. 

The process starts with a discussion about what type of furniture you need. This includes details
such as size, features, and function. Using photographs of previous pieces, we can work out
some options such as wood choices and trim details.

Once the details are outlined, Brad can create a drawing of the piece with dimensions, noted
options and cost.
Commission Drawing

After review, the drawing can be adjusted and cost revised if need be. Once a final drawing is
approved, a deposit is required and work can begin.


Commissioned pieces will typically take eight to twelve weeks to complete. 


The balance of the cost is due prior to delivery. If you live locally, Brad may personally deliver the piece to your
home. Many clients also opt to come and visit the studio to pick up their new furniture. For
clients living a greater distance from the studio, we can arrange for professional delivery
directly to your home.