Pitchfork Chair


The Pitchfork Side Chair lives in the heart of Brad’s design concept. New life and purpose is given to the ax handles that Brad had seen during his childhood on the farm. Solid ash wood is turned on a century old ax handle lathe. A scallop texture is created as the lathe cuts a continuous spiral down the length of the wood blank. These legs are then sanded by hand and cut to length. They are then attached to the solid cherry seat by a through tenon fastened with a solid walnut wedge. The seat is sanded to a smooth contour that everybody would find comfortable. Your feet can find a home on the solid steel footrest. This chair is perfect for use with our Farm Table and Pedestal Table.

Available in dining, kitchen counter, and bar heights.
Counter and bar heights are available in a swivel.

Dining Height
Seat Ht.: 18"
Foot print: 19″ × 19″, 21″ × 21″
Top of Back: 32",
Overall Dims: 32"h x 17"w x 23"d, 26"w with arms

Counter Height
Seat Ht.: 25"
Foot print: 19″ × 19″
Top of Back: 39"
Overall Dims: 36"h x 16"w x 22"d, 26"w with arms

Bar Height
Seat Ht.: 30"
Foot print: 19″ × 19″
Top of Back: 44"
Overall Dims: 44"h x 19"w x 23"d, 26"w with arms

Finish: Clear Satin Lacquer, Conversion Varnish
Ships: UPS
Requires Light Assembly: Ships with back and arms removed

Most styles ship in 2 to 4 weeks
Shipping is calculated as 10% of total order
Orders $2,500 and greater will ship for a flat rate of $250

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