A Little Help From Friends

You can't have every tool or machine that you might need. Sometimes it helps to have some friends to help you out now and then. As Bradford Woodworking grew throughout the years, the need for a wide belt sander became greater. The machine allows wide boards to be sanding to a specific thickness and remain very flat. For us, it is essential for table tops and headboards. 

Alvin Rothenberger Inc. has been a local custom cabinetry and mill work shop for over fifty years. Their woodworking shop is located on the same property it was started. Alvin started the business in a small building on his father's farm. In 1970 he moved to another part of the farm and built our present building. In 1971 and 1972 Alvin's sons, Alan and Kim joined the business. In the mid 1970's Brad was employed there just after graduating high school.  The relationship he built then continues today. Every few weeks we will take a small group of parts down to Kim or Alan at Rothenberg's for sanding.

If you need custom cabinetry down in the Philadelphia region, we highly recommend Alvin Rothenberger Inc. You can visit them at http://www.arwoodworking.com

On a recent trip we snapped a few photos to share.

The Time Saver logo is just fantastic.

A large belt draws the wood through the machine. To the right, you can see the large belts of sandpaper.

Out comes a smoother, flatter squiggle headboard.

Alvin Rothenberger Inc., located along Skippack Pike in Worcester, PA.