Always Nice

Many times when we ship an order off to a gallery or client, we will only hear from them if something was damaged in shipping or some other problem occurs. It is always nice when we get to hear how the arrival of our package really excites the person on the other end. We love getting to hear about how happy the new owner is. It reminds us of why we take the time and care in each step of making furniture.

We recently received an email from such a client after their Pitchfork Bench arrived.

Dear Bradford Woodworking,

Our bench arrived a couple of days ago and the best one word to sum it up is Wow! In this throw away world of ours it was such a pleasure to receive something as special as our bench. Obviously made by people who not only know what they are doing but take great pride and I hope enjoyment out of doing it. I am, by nature, a detail guy, and just continue to marvel at the wonderful details that go into the bench. From the overall design, choice of wood, shaping, joinery, hardware and last but certainly not least, finish. I was also very impressed by the packaging and the crate it is shipped in. After all, as you obviously realize, what good is building a great piece if you don’t ship in a manner for it to arrive as such. The piece is truly superb and we could not be happier with it. Know that it will be cherished and enjoyed for many many years and most probably beyond our own lifetimes by our children.

Thanks again and kind regards,


Steve, you are welcome and we thank you for your email. It is always nice to get emails like this.