30 Years and Counting

This year Sandy and I are celebrating thirty years of
marriage as well as thirty years of making a living together as
Bradford Woodworking. We’ve come a long way since starting
in six hundred unheated square feet above the cows in my dad’s
barn. In those early days, we made a line of kitchen utensils.
We’re still making some of those items thirty years later.

Our growth into furniture has been challenging and
exciting. What started out as a design for a single stool grew into an
entire line of chairs, stools, benches, beds and more. During the years
of working to grow the business, we also were able to watch the growth
of our two children, both of which have chosen careers in the arts. Our
son Adam is a sculptor and painter, and our daughter Lydia is a textile
artist. We’ve been blessed in life to be able to make a living doing what
we love.

We are grateful to all of our many friends and clients who
have supported us through our first thirty years. We’re looking forward
to our future and many more years of being able to design and build
furniture on our farm home.