Look what the storm fairy brought!

We’ve had a lot of storms around here lately. As a result, we got a lot of phone calls asking if we were interested in blown down trees. They mostly just wanted the logs out of there so….yeah! One of our jackpot finds was at a golf course that had lost a lot of trees. The only problem: how to turn them into lumber. Who do you call?? The WOOD MISER. This is a portable sawmill that comes to you. We have used it several times and it does a great job.

Here’s Brad sitting on one of his, what Joseph calls, Hollywood logs. He calls it that because it looks so perfect. A red oak, one of the many trees that came down in a golf course.

Brad already deciding what he’s going to do with that beauty.

Sawing off the edges.

Kyle and Luke stacking fresh cut red oak. Can’t you just smell it? It will be put away for a couple of years so it can dry. Can’t wait to see what Brad’s amazing creativity makes out of these babies!